Beauty & Spirit Abstract Artist CircleLive Online Painting Mastermind


So, art is your heart and abstract is your joy! Do you crave real feedback—because “likes” are no longer enough? Are you driven to make better paintings—without losing your authentic voice?Gain confidence—the skills, the eye, the heart, the mastery you seek—in three 2-hour sessions per month of small-group learning, painting, sharing, critique, mentoring, and support—without leaving home.Discover in your art a world that you love and trust!

Abstract painting is thrilling! Yet it can be hit or miss. You may wonder, "How can I find the magic more often? Is my painting finished? Can I get better as an artist?"Your friends may say, "That's great!" or "I don't get it," but you've realized they don't really understand the language you are trying to speak. Does anyone?Yes! You've found your people. You're invited to join an exclusive group of artist peers in a circle uniquely custom-made to enliven the inner artist and empower the outer abstract artist.

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Here is what you get when you secure your seat:A giant leap in professionalism as an artist: The focus on painting, sharing your work, and receiving expert mentoring in a supportive community—means that you stay motivated, make great strides in your art (and in speaking about it), and gain tremendous confidence in its quality.Build on your foundation from The Living Abstract workshop: Gain more freedom, versatility, and mastery of the principles that enliven your paintings. The circle explores skill-enhancing approaches in acrylic and mixed media that deepen your understanding and empower your self-expression. Creative visualization meets beautiful layering techniques, which means you paint rich, interesting abstracts that are meaningful to you and compelling to others.A consistent rhythm of inflow, outflow, integration and reflection: Meet on Zoom for 2 hours per week, three weeks per month; then a rest. Each session gives you: a lesson or demonstration that is one step in a quarterly theme; hands-on painting time to incorporate the lesson (and sometimes visualization); sharing of members' current artwork; insightful critique to train your eye; and discussion and mentoring on artistic, practical, or career topics that come up. Whether you paint prolifically or just during class, the close circle of fellow abstract-lovers means you get plenty of individual attention to address your needs.Support between sessions: Key teaching content is recorded for online access or download, so that you don’t have to worry about missing a session—and you can review lessons for fresh inspiration later. A step-by-step PDF handout is provided at the end of each theme to easily reference ideas and how-to's. Between sessions, you may post in a private Circle forum to receive interim feedback and celebrate your wins.BONUS: Attend any of the Living Abstract workshops with Julie at half price, so that you can revisit in a new light the foundational principles that make your work sing—and understand them in a deeper way relevant to your current pursuits.

Be notified first when I open doors again (only 8 slots available):

“You have a way of critiquing where people feel good about their work, plus you get across your point. And it’s just so fun. You bring up so many ideas—things we can mix up and try later. You’re bringing out parts of ourselves being expressed into the paint—onto the canvas—while teaching how to paint. I’m not sure there’s any other workshop like this. Your expertise—I could work with you for years and years. You’re just so heartfelt—you have a love for doing this. It’s so uplifting.“Not that it’s easy. These paintings are challenging. You’re challenging us to go to another level with wherever we’re at. And you know when to bring us to the next level and when to let us rest and gain confidence.“You make room for a million different styles, while applying sound concepts that you’re teaching us, like the ratio of dark to light, and bringing dark to the edge. It’s made a world of difference. You have such a gift. I feel so grateful that you have chosen to partake in teaching. Julie, you’re such an expert. The critique points sheet is so valuable. The Inspired Abstract process is such a rich teaching.“Something you said that really got me is, ‘At the beautiful mess, it’s already a great painting. Now let’s make it good.’ I thought that concept was so life affirming, so hopeful and true, so unique. Validation that this creative intuition their soul has brought forward is already great—the act of creation made it great. Now we just have to make it good. Instead of what we’ve been taught, to work to get it from good to great.”
—Michelle Hurteau

“A year ago, I joined the Abstract Artist Circle to have a more structured way of creating paintings in a supportive setting, with fellow artists. Julie’s techniques kept me in touch with the freedom I wanted to express and prevented my over-obsessing too early in the painting process. Her approach allowed for incorporating the imagery I love into an abstract space. She teaches ways to give dimension and depth to paintings.“It was really interesting how each of the artists developed in our own unique direction and style, even though we were working so closely together with similar prompts. It created a very fun and supportive atmosphere.“Most importantly, it was a healing process of reclaiming my full self and becoming whole again. Through this artist circle experience, I reclaimed the joy and freedom of artistic self-expression to nourish my creativity and joy.”
—Beth A. Bernstein

“When I first visited Julie’s website, I was very intrigued by the beauty and expressiveness of her abstract paintings. Immediately I wanted to learn as much as I could from this talented teaching artist. My past ability to create abstracts was severely limited and I had finally found the person to bring me through that jump into abstraction.“Julie’s training and oh-so-patient mentoring on Zoom has been so impressive! I had created my first six abstract paintings and I needed to pull it all together — to know what was working and what my problems were. Julie spotted my weaknesses, such as stopping a shape short of the edge (instead of going off the edge), lacking sufficient darks to make the rest of the painting glow, and creating a focal point that has punch. Then we worked together to make a better composition, virtually showing possible solutions.“Julie’s patience, helpfulness and vast knowledge of art has been amazing and so nurturing. Her guidance has sent me on a wonderful creative adventure and has vastly improved my ability to analyze my own paintings—as well as those of others—with more understanding and appreciation. I have learned so much from Julie in such a short time. I heartily recommend her to anyone who really wants to make great abstracts.
—Lorna Cole

Julie Bernstein Engelmann creates award-winning abstract art that speaks to the heart and spirit. With an MFA from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a B.A. from Barnard College in New York City, Julie has been exhibiting and teaching abstract painting for twenty years.